Quirks and Quarks

Let go of these delusions

Do you hold these thoughts, wishes, lies? I promise you’ll feel much better, and you’ll think more clearly if you let go of these lies.

Everything happens for a reason. No, it doesn’t. Just, NO. This idea is so flawed I can’t even stand writing about it. Sit down or take a walk and think about it, will you, please?

You’ll not be given more than you can handle. NO. That’s the definition of somebody or something administering torture, which is inhumane. Think about it.

It could be worse. Yeah, of course, but so what? You don’t need to experience spaghettification at a black hole’s horizon to prove to yourself or others that things are bad.

It’s all in your head. Of course it’s in your head. Unless you are brain dead. Your experiences are authentic, glorious, mundane, painful.

You’re not doing enough. You probably are doing enough, and the universe being real, and life being complex, there really are things out of your control, and you may not be to blame for your circumstances.

I wish you find inner peace today.